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I will be doing more of these videos if i get more subs. It would really help! Please subscribe and share!


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My Mii-Verse thingy from Nintendo is Vikutta. I play Smash Brothers for the Wii-U quite often, so add me if youd like!
Now then..:
I do like anime, and different styles of art. As for music, I listen to any song that interests me, however they are mainly these : techno, Japanese, and medieval/renaissance/folk music, ambiance, and instrumentals.
I also take interest in MMD, Utau, and Vocaloid!
Also, if you have interest in my drawings, please tell me what you think of them.. Any feedback is much appreciated!

That aside, here's alittle more about myself...
I have two pretty big interests. . . Space, Astronomy and Technology, computers

Astronomy... I just love the universe and the stars... I can tell you all about them.. I'll send you so many thousands of stars your entire life would be too short to see them all!
its a line from a song . . .

Technology... I hope to become an inventor.. from the smallest microchip to the darned space shuttle... This is no child's dream. Ive designed many space ships as well.. And im very good at troubleshooting/fixing computers!

I'm very laid back and open to any conversation you'd like to talk about... I'm an open person and accept any for who they are, i dont care about the past much.. its dead... but the future is yet to be made so anything is still very possible; like us becoming good friends. I'm always happy to receive new messages from anyone..
If you are feeling down and need someone to talk with , please talk with me... I dont like my friends or just anyone in general feeling down or negative feelings.. its hurts me to know someone is suffering... I only wish to help and make you feel better, and to encourage them to live..!


Who am I?
Not meaning for this to be any riddle or anything..
I can be a friend.. a really great friend for you! Or just another stranger... But it is up to YOU to choose that for me. Am I your stranger or your friend?
To get to know me more.. you must simply just talk with me... Its more of a feeling of trust and mutual relationship through means of communication, not by just reading a biography or paragraph.. This is another reason why accept all. I just wish you'd give me a good chance to show you my kindness and friendship... its all i really ask for.

I'm not the judging type either... you can talk or say anything to me at all and i wont judge... I don't judge on what you talk about or how you look... who are we to judge? Don't believe me though? Why not you give it a shot? What do you have to lose? What will change? I encourage you to speak with me.
It's always a pleasure to meet new people!

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